This weekend, 1+1=3 had the opportunity to meet in Paris and spend a day updating each other and working out our plans for the future. Much has happened lately, and many exciting things will happen next year.



First music release due in spring

We have done the first EEG recordings of what will become the first official music release by 1+1=3. It will include EEG of Per under hypnosis, inducted by hypnotist and neuroscientist Hernan Anllo from the Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistique and the Centre de Researches Interdisciplinaire. You can find a nice video of Hernan explaining his research here (in French).

Our first publication due in spring

We also thoroughly discussed our first publication, which is due this spring. The publication will center on its musical accompaniment – a vinyl release created from EEG under hypnosis, explaining it’s creation and the artistic and scientific questions it addresses, as well as our personal experience of our collaboration and performances so far.

Hardware upgrade

It is important we upgrade our electrodes to more, and in a scientific 10/20 position scheme. We have therefor ordered the TipCap, and will upgrade our OpenBCI to 16 channels using their Daisy board.

EEGsynth housing

Robert just did an amazing job creating a housing for the EEGsynth. It not only provides very robust touchproof connectors, but also includes a lithium battery with wireless charger!

The Brain Control Club

Within the Center for Interdisciplinary research, the EEGsynth has been taken on by a group of very smart and enthusiastic students, who are adapting the EEGsynth for their own project within the Brain Control Club: The Morpheus project will identify sleep states and use audio stimulation at particular phases of brain activity to boost memory. The Nirvana project will use the EEGsynth to provide neurofeedback to navigate the mental space for relaxation and concentration. The Gaming project will use the EEGsynth as a brain-controller for emulated video games. We are excited to see these projects develop next year.

Sending EEG into space

We have struck up a fantastic collaboration with Daniela de Paulis for her COGITO project, in which EEG recordings will be send into space using a large radiotelescope in The Netherlands. Many of the practical and scientific questions that we need to address for the COGITO project overlap with our own efforts in using EEG for experimental artistic research and performance. We are also very happy to have Guillaume Dumas of Institut Pasteur on board on this and other projects. There will be much to inspire and teach each other.