It’s a very exciting day today! I feel proud to be able to present our work on the EEGsynth at IRCAM, and to meet the team at CREAM, the lab of Jean-Julien Aucouturier located in its basement. I am looking much forward to find out more about their vision and how they are integrating neuroscience with music composition and sound synthesis.

I spend some time making new slides to express some of my idea’s behind the EEGsynth – many of which are still germinating. I trust it will be good to push them into the light and see whether some (photo)synthesis can occur under the gaze of an expert neuroscience and music audience (yes, I am a bit nervous as well).

You can find my slides here. For video/sound you can go to our 1+1=3 website.

We will be back at IRCAM in November (8-11) to join a Music Hacking symposium/hackathon at IRCAM. More details to follow as soon as I get them.