OuUnPo invents original and playful situations that call artists, cultural agents and the general public to bring their experience and creativity for the production of new artworks, research and the spreading of alternative forms of knowledge. It does this through a curated framework of events called a ‘session’. Each session travels to and is structured upon a specific location or city, address a contextual problematic and collectively involves local artists or practitioners from different fields.

OuUnPo’s members come from all over the wider European region and therefore expand and contract with each session. The group seeks a vivid interaction with the inhabitants of the cities it travels to and aims to provoke a different outlook on the city’s history and patrimony. For this purpose OuUnPo interacts extensively with local institutions, such as art spaces, cultural initiatives, universities and concert halls in order to establish a creative context that functions as a connectivity engine. The nomadic profile of the project is therefore an asset that stimulates new ways of creating, sharing, and dispersing knowledge in new venues. OuUnPO does not limit its interventions in Europe’s traditional financial and cultural centers but rather travels across the so-called peripheries and contributes to establish a cross-border debate on local issues and problematics by mirroring them in the global. It often does so in places of crises (e.g. Athens & Porto) or where historical conflicts mark the political and human landscape (e.g. Belgrade & Skopje). OuUnPo’s web continues to extend with every session and thus facilitates communication, solidarity and exchange between artists of different generations and from different regions of the world. This strategy is devised to instigate and retain a meaningful discussion about democratic processes for art and culture.

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