Mnemonic bodies

Mnemonic bodies

Modern Dance Theatre (MDT)

11:00 – 13:00

Private OUUNPO event

Students at KKH were invited to participate in a three day workshop in the run up to OuUnPo’s 14th international research session. Lead by artists Natasha Rosling and Antoine Bertin, participants will co-produce a live event that will take place at MDT as part of OuUnPo’s five day festival in Stockholm.

natasha image workshop

As a response to the wider thematic context of ‘The Fugue’, this workshop will focus on how it might be possible to use time-based practices such as sound, music and choreography to explore concepts of amnesia and identity loss. Through discussion and artistic experimentation questions will be confronted such as: What is our bodily relationship to memory? How does memory affect our listening experience of the present? How can movement and rhythm be used to configure new identities?



Natasha Rosling makes large-scale sculptural installations, public interventions and audio works that deal with the ambiguous, uncomfortable or inhibiting ways in which we inhabit (or fail to inhabit) our body and its functions. Informed by a long-standing interest in ventriloquism, hypnosis and the carnivalesque, her work re-constructs and explores (dis)embodied subjects as spacial environments to be negotiated. Sensations of an unfamiliar body and its visceral landscapes are often used as a means to re-approach the realities of architectural and social situations, from unexpected and humorous perspectives. Rosling is currently based in the UK and has been part of the European artistic network, OuUnPo since 2011. A selection of her recent exhibitions and interventions have taken place at Pinacoteca Museum, Sao Paulo, Norrkoping Art Museum, Sweden; Mori Art Museum, Tokyo; Fei Centre of Contemporary Art, Shanghai and Jeu de Paume, Paris.