Anyway not everyone will read it


Anyway not everyone will read it

A dance performance as a result of Jacopo Milianis residency at MDT


Drottninggatan 17

17:00 – 18:30

Tickets free but limited

Booking through:

Not having any idea and to put it in a museum…damn!

Futurism, Mesmerism, Post Internet…what are we speaking about?

How can we describe something if we want to achieve the possibility of a non-language?

If the score will not be controlled and I am thinking too much about “institutional critique” in

dance….what will happen?

Are you sure you are a dancer? Are you sure you are a spectator? We share too much!

Dark light! Bright Light!

A project by 

Jacopo Miliani

Sanna Söderholm

Carima Neusser

Jean-Louis Huhta

 Costume design by Boboutic

jacopo image performance


Too slow to disappear, 2008 (details)

Invisible frame from Entr’Act (1924)

Courtesy OF Studio Dabbeni (Lugano, CH)

Performance Jacopo Miliani (artist in residency MDT)




Jacopo Miliani lives and works in Milan, Italy. He is active mostly in installation, photography and performance art. His investigation deals with an ongoing questioning of the role of representational systems crossing the borders of visual arts and dance. His work has been shown at galleries and institution; including CCSP (Sao Paulo), David Roberts Art Foundation (London), MARCO (Vigo), MACRO (Rome), Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle (Berlin), Museo Pecci (Milan) and CAC (Vilnius).

Jean-Louis Huhta is a artist , composer, musician and Dj born in Gothenburg Sweden to Trinidadian and Finnish parents. He studied at the Electronic music studios EMS in Stockholm and Sound art at STDH. Specialising in electronic music, percussion, improv, experimental modular synthesizer performances. He has been a part of the world of Techno and Acid since the early 90’s. He has composed for contemporary dance, film and theatre and performed around the world solo and with various projects. He participated in the The Gothenburg Biennal 2013, The Ghetto Biennal Haiti 2013. Current musical projects are Dungeon Acid, The Skull Defekts, Ocsid, Brommage Dub and High Boys. Record labels include: FitSound Detroit, Huhta Home studios, Ideal Recordings and Zodiac

Carima Neusser lives in Stockholm. She works in a landscape of performance, dance and choreography. Her current practice involves the use of language, music, dance and choreography in relation to communication and the structures of conversation. The research project is a collaboration with Vision Forum since 2014. Carima earned her degree from Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance (2009) and at the ISVP program at Dance New Amsterdam in New York (2010) She has performed work by several choreographers including Katja Wachter, Philip Bergman and Johannes Härtl, Nathan Trice and Isabel Gotskowsky. During the production in New York with Isabel Gotskowsky she also worked as a rehearsal assistant. In other work, Carima appeared in the film ”Frances Ha” directed by Noah Baumbach and choreographed by Max Stone. Her own work has been presented at Kranhalle in Munich, Dance New Amsterdam in New York, Festival Scensommar at Teater Galeasen, Teatermaskinen, Dansforum in Viksjöfors and Berns Salonger. Carima has also choreographed pieces for several fashion shows on commission by the Swedish independent fashion brand, The Local Firm in collaboration Mercedez Benz Fashion Week. She has choreographed and danced with artists such as Jonathan Johansson, Name The Pet, Silvana Imam and Norma.

Sanna Söderholm is a based in Stockholm working as choreographer, dancer, researcher and pedagogue within the field of dance. Her current interest concerns dance in relation to multiple forms of resistance, inspired by notions like The Force of the Virtual (Deleuze) and The Posthuman (Braidotti). She is engaged in what the medium of dance can do in terms of de-territorialisation and by exploring ways to engage affirmatively with the present. Recent and current collaborators are the institutions University of Dance and Circus, The Royal Ballet School, City of Skarpnäck and Bagarmossen, and choreographers Sebastian Lingserius, Cristina Caprioli, Ossi Nisskala among others.